Great source of EU-related TMs and TBs

Did you know there are free translation memories and termbases available on all kinds of topics related to the EU? You can find them on the ELRC SHARE repository. It is a project by the European Language Resource Coordination, mainly for use by the European Commission, but the resources are free to anyone.

There are multilingual texts of all kinds of publications, provided in several formats, among them .tmx, so you can import them directly into the tool of your choice. Glossaries are also available in .tbx format for easy import.

Please note: It has to say “processed” next to the title for both TMs and TBs if you want the ready-to-import files!

You can filter for instance by languages (also several languages at once), formats, domains (i.e. topics), and of course you can search by typing keywords into the search bar on top.

Yes, the language combinations are a bit unusual, and not everything is available in all languages or language combinations and formats for all topics, but still – it’s an official source and it’s free, and who knows when you might need exactly this information?

So have a look around and hopefully, it’ll be of use to you!

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