Goodbye 2019

It’s that time of the year again – 2019 is almost over, and it’s time for the yearly review.

This past year involved a lot of traveling, both privately and for business. One highlight was definitely the barcamp in Hamburg in March, but the BDÜ Conference in November which I wrote about here and here was just as amazing.

I also got to do quite a bit of interpreting with some very interesting new customers and locations (like the one where I got to model the latest fashion in interpreting) as well as more frequent summons to court.

Continued education also had its place this past year, from the great Anglophoner Tag in Würzburg in June to various webinars on a wide range of topics and of course the memoQ seminar I got to hold myself.

The volunteer work for the BDÜ LV Bayern was fun most of the time, not least because of the great team we have right now on the board, so the few bumps I encountered throughout the year (and that hopefully won’t repeat like that in 2020) were manageable.

On the teaching side, we got a new set of translators and interpreters on their way, even though this year there was some excitement we could have gladly done without…
The new graduating class is a great, hard-working and fun bunch, and I have 11 students sitting in my interpreting classes, which makes me really happy!
The work with the commission for the new teaching curriculum of the Fachakademie for translation and interpreting also took some time in my schedule but is progressing nicely and still very interesting, if a little challenging at times.

Sitting here and thinking about all the great things that happened – even if it was hard at times, especially with all the traveling – I am really grateful for my job, the different hats I get to wear and the wonderful opportunities all that gives me.

So here’s to a good start into a new year filled with more opportunities and both familiar and new things!

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