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BDÜ Conference 2019

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That is probably the most pertinent question after the absolutely awesome BDÜ Conference 2019 in Bonn two weeks ago. The fact that I’m only now getting around to write about it shows you already how (positively) overwhelming that weekend was. I jokingly said to friends and colleagues that I needed about a month of vacation to digest and implement even half of the information I got, but really that was …


It’s almost time… From Friday until Sunday, this year’s BDÜ Conference “Translating and Interpreting 4.0 – New Ways in the Digital Age” is happening in Bonn at the World Conference Center, the former Provisional Parliament House of the Federal Republic of Germany and seat of the German Bundestag and Bundesrat from 1949 until 1999.  I have never been there, so I’m excited about that aspect alone, not to speak of …