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As you probably know, I am not only translating, interpreting and teaching (besides having a pretty full personal life), but am also active in my translators’ association here in Germany, the BDÜ (Bundesverband der Dolmetscher und Übersetzer), more specifically, I am the treasurer of the regional chapter of Bavaria (BDÜ Landesverband Bayern). As such, it is my responsibility to make sure all invoices are settled, all membership fees paid, and …


On Wednesday night, a momentous occasion took place in the lovely “Die Villa” restaurant in Weiden – the founding meeting of a new BDÜ regional group in Bavaria. Two of my students (Carolin Schiml, who finished last year, and Adriana Hirsch, who is in the middle of her examinations) found it exhausting always having to drive the long way to the nearest BDÜ groups in either Regensburg or Bayreuth/Hof, so …