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(c) http://www.contrabass.co.uk/tourtemute.htm I’m sure it has happened to the best of us: You’re in the middle of a heated discussion, or got your interpreting groove on, then suddenly there it is: an idiom pops into your head, you think, Perfect! I’ll use that! and use it…. incorrectly?! Christina DesMarais has made a list of the 20 idioms most commonly used incorrectly over at inc.com. Any of them sound familiar? …


I was interviewed on the radio recently regarding interpreting. One of the questions was which English or Spanish dialect was hardest to understand. My answer was that it’s usually not the native speakers, but non-native speakers and their accents plus lacking grammar who make an interpreter’s life difficult.You know, the language spoken by most people in the world is poor English… However, after seeing this video, I’m inclined to change …