Done and done!

Exams are over! The first class of the Fachakademie für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen Weiden is done!
The “score”: Of the originally 16 students, 2 left at midterm due to illness, 1 failed the written exams, 1 withdrew after the written exams due to illness, and 2 didn’t pass the oral exams. Of the 8 who were admitted to the interpreting exams, ALL passed (even if it was a close call for some).

So now all that’s left for me and for them is one more day at school for a career day, where they will get loads of information regarding all the things to keep in mind when working as as freelance translator and/or interpreter, such as invoicing, insurances etc., and then of course graduation.
Both exciting and a little sad…

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