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Since I’ve spent the last two days on the big computer project for this year, i.e. switching from desktop to laptop with all that entails (something I will blog about once it’s done), and will be involved with that for a little while longer, I’ll only share a great short article today I found over at the excellent FreelanceSwitch on how to use Twitter wisely for business purposes. It …


Agencies – for many translators and interpreters, it almost seems to be a dirty word, probably because of the bad experiences they had with them. I know there are many different types of agencies out there, and so far I’ve had the great fortune to work with mostly those that are worth the name, not what I call “re-bagers” (“Umtüter” in German), meaning someone who simply passes a job …


The great BDÜ video comparing the translations of a real flesh-and-blood translator with the results by Google Translate I wrote about here is now also available in English:


Und ich dachte immer Kaffee soll wach machen, nicht kaputt… (c)2012 Anke Wiesinger (gesehen in Forchheim, Paradeplatz)


Da ich diese Woche nicht nur jeden Tag beim Dolmetschen bin, sondern nebenbei auch noch ein monatliches Großprojekt abwickeln darf, heute mal wieder was zum Schmunzeln. Dieses Fundstück wurde mir von meiner Kollegin Johanna Hief zugespielt, und ich teile es, sowie auch ihren Kommentar, gerne:  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AliveGlow ist ein Photoshop kompatibles Einsteck. AliveGlow ist für Adobe Photoshop, Corel FOTO-PAINT ein Einsteck, die Pro Jasc Lackiererei und andere Grafik-Software, die Steckverbindungen …


I was reading The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame – it’s a children’s story, I know, but it’s a classic, too, and I’ve never read it, so there – when I came across a paragraph that just left me speechless. It’s towards the end of the book, after Toad has escaped from prison and been rescued from the river by his friends, who tell him that his ancestral …


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A friend sent this to me, and it is such a good example of what a really poorly done interpretation is like, I just  had to share it: