As I have recently updated my prices, I have also thought about publishing my price lists on my website. I haven’t, so there’s no need to rush on over to although I do appreciate traffic there, of course. 🙂 But the thought does pop up now and then, especially when I visit colleagues’ or agency’s websites who do actually give figures.

I am torn about this topic, and I think most of you are, as well.
On the one hand, it would be nice for costumers if they could get at least an idea about how much their particular translation will cost them. Plus, it might in many instances even ward off those low-balling inquiries, saving me time when it comes to clearing my inbox.
On the other hand, we are, as a colleague says, craftsmen and women, and no self-respecting car mechanic would tell you how much repairing your car will cost you without having seen and checked it. So giving even a ballpark figure can be potentially problematic if the “2 pages of mostly general text” turn out to be in size 8 font, single-line and full of obscure tech-speak.

So what do you do? Give ranges? Always insist on seeing the translation first?
Please tell me in the comments below, I really am curious!

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