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Coincidence? I think not! Over at the Savvy Newcomer, ATA’s Blog for Newbies to Translation and Interpreting, a recent post talks about MT and how the savvy translator can use it – just at a time, when MT is on everyone’s mind, especially if they attended the BDÜ conference in Bonn last month (which I wrote about here and here). After giving a short overview of the historical development of …


I recently came across an article on ATA’s The Savy Newcomer blog which, although originally published in 1997, is just as relevant (not only for new) translators and interpreters today. It lists and explains seven virtues everyone in the industry should aspire to: Master your subjects. Appreciate your limits. Defend your product. Sign your work. Quote your rate. Promote your profession. Perfect your craft. While all are important, I personally …